BCP Specialists operates as a Cost Consultant Company specializing in the Housing, Commercial and Industrial Construction Sectors. We provide a wide range of Quantity Surveyor Services as well as Project Management.

Pre – Project Services

  • Tender Pricing and Preparation
  • Asses and identify all tender requirements
  • Asses and advise on all Tender Contractual documents
  • Tender Rate build ups, Rate Analysis and Pricing
  • Assist with Preparation of Tender Submission Documentation
  • Prepare and Compile Material Resource Lists
  • Preparation of Lump Sum Tenders including measure work, compiling Bills of Quantities and the pricing of Bills of Quantities
  • Prepare and compile Bills of Quantities for Tender Purposes
  • Assist to coordinate and evaluate Tender Adjudication Process
  • Sourcing of subcontractor quotations for Tender Purposes
  • Sourcing of material quotations for Tender Purposes
  • Assist with pricing of Preliminaries & General
  • Prepare Pre- Project Cash Flow Projections

Services during Project Construction

We provide all the various Cost Control and Quantity Surveying functions as a whole package or only specific functions if needed.

  • Adjudication and appointment of Subcontractors for All Trades
  • Prepare subcontract agreements for appointments
  • Prepare an finalize material quantities for placing bulk orders
  • Monitor and Re-measure actual work done on site
  • Prepare monthly Interim Valuations based on actual measured quantities
  • Prepare monthly Interim Payment Certificates for invoicing and payment
  • Preparation and updating of actual Cash Flow of Projects
  • Recording, Pricing and agree Variations and Site Instructions
  • Project Costs Control & Reporting
  • Labour & Material Cost Analysis
  • Prepare and agree Escalation Claims of Projects
  • Cost analysis of Tender Allowable vs Actual Project Costs
  • Prepare Waste Reports and monitor Material Wastage on site
  • Management and Preparation of Subcontractor Payments
  • Prepare and Agree Final Accounts with Client & Subcontractors

Additional Services

  • Contracts and Project Management and Coordination
  • Contractual Claims and Notifications to Principal agent and Client
  • Training and Mentoring of all Quantity Surveyor functions